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  • loves the Buoyy Collection

    Buoyy WatchesOnce again, we are thrilled to see Buoyy in the news! This time, the premier destination for the latest fashion news and trends did a watch review

    Here's quote from the review:

    "Not familiar with Buoyy? Prepare to fall in love. Their stunning timepieces are unlike anything you’ve ever seen, which is what makes them so special. That and the fact that the watches are made with diamonds and it’s easy to see why these pieces are so magical."

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    PS The watch featured is Waltz With Me Model No.32PBRAGP14F



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  • Waltz Me Collection

    We're so thrilled to be featured in Living in Color Print blog. Check out the photoshoot and what they say about our Waltz Me collection here.Pale-Grey-Tan2 buoyy star gazing buoyy star gazing buoyy star gazing

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  • We're giving away a Diamond Watch! Deadline 11/15

    We're excited to host our first contest to celebrate the launch of our company. To enter, simply submit (your!) photo showing what treasuring your time means to you. Perhaps it's spending time with your kids, curling up with a good book, or biking through town.

    We look forward to getting your take on what treasuring your time means to you, and giving away a $1,000+ watch. Don't forget to include 3 top Buoyy watches you would like to win (and their model numbers).

    Official rules


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