Buoyy Watches

Diamonds are, of course, a girl’s best friend. There’s something particularly decadent about owning a wrist-watch that’s dripping with precious jewels, which is why our brand is so very exciting!

We don’t just do classic, contemporary wristwatches. Instead, we’ve taken watch-making to the next horizon, creating exquisite timepieces that operate in much the same way as an opulent piece of jewelry, creating a powerful, elegant focal point for any outfit.

Mad about the Buoyy…What makes us so special?

It’s the magical way we position the diamonds in buoyant, joyous formations above the dial face, creating an iconic design that’s very much synonymous with the brand. And these diamonds are dazzlingly floating as we only use specially selected Grunberger precision cut diamonds. They’re cut under the strictest of cutting measurements, which results in a brilliance that’s quite unlike anything you’ll have ever seen before. In fact, the diamonds seem almost alight with an internal flame, and they really do glitter like stars.

Yet to come… All about the Buoyy design

There’re a lot to enjoy while your eyes are hovering around the watch. Besides the iconic fascinated floating diamonds, one more iconic element is introduced to beautify the design: luxurious black cabochons are embedded on the sides of the case lug to further elevate the majestic feel of the watch.

Even the back of the watch got an artistic element to surprise you. Slowly turn over to reveal the signature medallion on the back side of the watch. The composition of symbolic red lip, lovely heart motif and the bold Buoyy logo contributes to the theme of contemporary femininity.

When it comes to dial face, each collection is inspired by the art of nature, featuring dynamic, bold lines, sculptural forms and shapely silhouettes formed by combining different noble materials. Mother-of-pearl, which provides the watch with added iridescence and shine, is one of the important elements to decorate our watches.

In case you hadn’t already guessed, Buoyy is not a brand of simple timepiece. Instead, through our designs, high quality of materials and outstanding craftsmanship, we elevate our watches to the status of artistic sculptures, dripping with jewels and oozing aesthetic appeal. Given its charm and allure, Buoyy watch is surely irresistible and inevitably attracting eyes and turning heads wherever it might be.

To complete the design, not just aesthetically, each Buoyy watch features an innovative, easy-to-adjust mechanism on the bracelet, which allows you yourself to easily adjust the watch to suit your preference of either loosely or more closely fit on your wrist at home. Quality, reliability and perfect performance are at the core of our creative process; and it really does show in the superior finish, both in its function and form.

Buoyy watches commit to indulge every lady’s heart

The watches have been artfully designed with flexibility in mind; they can be worn to create a major impression at work, or displayed as an integral part of your eveningwear at a party. They suggest femininity, at its most vibrant, and are ideal for ladies who love to live life with a passion for modernity and energy.

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