1.Maintenance Service

Your Buoyy watch is an elegant timepiece that has been conceived and created by our watchmakers. It deserves particular daily care and attention, please see Tips on Caring For Your Buoyy Watches. In order to guarantee its performance, we recommend having a general maintenance service 3 years after your purchase.

We offer Maintenance Service performed by our watchmaker; it includes the following operations:

  • - The case is opened,
  • - The battery is replaced,
  • - The back gasket is changed,
  • - The case is closed,
  • - The case is checked for its airtightness and water-resistance,
  • - The case and the bracelet are cleaned with a soft cloth

2.Price for maintenance service

Maintenance Service fee --- From $ 100 USD, excluding transportation and tax.

If specified damaged parts (e.g., the sapphire crystal, crown , metal bracelet ,etc.) need to be replaced, we will quote you the cost of parts first. These will only be changed after you have given your authorization and paid the maintenance service fee and cost of parts.

The intervention warranty for this service, which only covers the services carried out, is for 12 months, as per the terms of warranty.



Contact Us via email to receive a Return and Repair Form and instruction on how to send your Buoyy watch to Buoyy Service Center for repair and pay the maintenance service fee.

Tips On Caring For Your Watches

Whether you wear it every day or only occasionally, your Buoyy watch requires care and attention.


- The average lifespan of your battery is about three years. We strongly advise against leaving a worn-out battery in a watch, since it might damage the movement.


- Battery replacement must be entrusted to Buoyy Service Center , Contact us, which will ensure it respects for the case’s specific criteria and construction.

- If you really need to have the battery replacement carried out by a professional service center near your hometown, please make sure that the watch-makers just open the case for changing the battery only and MUST not touch any other areas inside the case. Please note after open the case back, a seal printed with our “B” logo glued inside the case can be seen and this is for security purpose. It is because removal of the seal and screws inside the case will destroy the diamonds’ floating formation construction that the Grunberger diamonds can easily come off and no longer be in floating formation. Please refer to Limited Warranty for details.

2.Your Buoyy watch on a day-to-day basis

- Keep your watch away from any object that gives off a magnetic field, such as TVs, loud speakers, even the magnet of a handbag, as this may have an effect on the precision of your watch.

- In order to preserve the shine of the polished surfaces and diamonds in your watch, avoid wearing a bracelet on the same wrist. 

- Keep your watch at a distance from all sources of heat.

- Avoid extreme temperatures and sudden temperature changes. (e.g., activities such as saunas, etc.)


- Avoid contact with acidic substances, or alcohol-based products (e.g., perfumes or make-up products, etc.)

- To prevent premature wear and tear of the bracelet, do not wear your watch when sleeping


 - Before cleaning your watch, make sure the crown is correctly pushed back. Wash your watch with mild soap and regularly rinsing it under fresh water, and then clean with a soft, dry cloth offered and included in envelop of your pack box.

- After swimming, make sure to rinse your watch in fresh water so as to neutralize the harmful effects of sea-water or chlorine.

- Use of chemical products for cleaning a watch is definitely not recommended, since it could damage the bracelet and the water resistance seals.


- Your watch is certified Water Resistant and is equipped with security gaskets that guarantee its water-resistance.

 - Before any contact with water, please ensure the crown of your watch is not pulled out.

- Do not manipulate the crown of your watch under water.

- The water-resistance gaskets of your certified Water Resistant watch undergoes natural deterioration due to aging.

- You are recommended to have a regular maintenance service for the Water-Resistance check performed by Buoyy Service Center once 36 months have passed since the purchase date or once two years if your watch is worn during sporting activities or frequently comes into contact with water. 



- When temperature changes abruptly, slight condensation may form under the watch glass. Normally, it will disappear of its own accord without affecting the smooth running of the watch.

BUOYY Warranty

Warranty – Buoyy watches

All watches purchased from www.buoyy.com come with the Buoyy Guarantee. Each Buoyy watch is identified by an individual serial number recorded in our archives. Please note that watches purchased from unauthorized dealers or websites other than Buoyy.com are not entitled to receive our warranty.

Limited Warranty

Your Buoyy watch is warranted for a period of (2) years from the date of original purchase against any manufacturing defect under normal use, after such defects have been confirmed by our technical services. This limited warranty does not cover damage arising from normal wear and tear, accidents or improper use. 24 months after the purchase date, you will be charged for the labor involved in any repair or replacement, whether the parts are covered by the warranty or not.

With the exception of current legal provisions, this Limited Warranty constitutes the exclusive manufacturer’s guarantee. This Limited Warranty, for labor expenses, and other express or implied warranties, including any implied operating warranty for the envisaged use or for a particular use, shall be limited to 24 months from the purchase date. Buoyy’s liability is limited exclusively to repair or replacement under the terms stipulated in this warranty. Buoyy shall not be held liable, in conformity with this Limited Warranty or by any other means, for any loss or damaged resulting from the use of or inability to use your watch, or any accidental or consequential damage related to your watch.

The Guarantee covers

During the 24-month period following the purchase, any piece that has a manufacturing defect, confirmed by our technical services, will be repaired or replaced free of charge. After that period, you will be charged for the labor involved in any repair and costs of the replacement components.

The Guarantee does not cover

The Limited Warranty excludes in particular damage resulting from:

  • Alterations, repair or work carried out by a watch repair service that is not authorized by Buoyy.
  • Tampering or improper or abusive use (knocking, hitting, crushing).
  • The consequences of normal wear and tear on the watch.
  • Loss of water resistance 24 months after purchase date, if your watch is water resistant.
  • Problems with the bracelet 24 months after the purchase date.
  • Wearing away of the PVD coating 24 months after the purchase date.
  • We guarantee use of selected genuine Grunberger diamonds that are put in floating formation above dial face. A seal printed with our “B” logo is glued inside the case for security purpose. Damaging of the seal and removal of the screw will destroy the diamonds’ floating formation construction that the diamonds can come off and no longer be in floating formation. Any signs of alter or smearing on this particular seal are considered as damage and destruction on the original diamonds and its buoyant system, our warranty on the use of Grunberger diamonds and its buoyant system becomes invalid and spoiled.

Buoyy Intervention Guarantee

Any repair work carried out at our Service Center will be covered by 12 months Intervention Guarantee for the particular parts being replaced.


This Guarantee does not cover damage resulting from improper or abusive use, knocking, the use of accessories not specifically recommended by us, unauthorized modifications or repairs or work carried out by other watch repair service that is not authorized by us.


Sizing guide

1. Watch bracelet guide --Wrist Sizer


How to measure your wrist size?

Please download and print the Buoyy Watch Bracelet Guide – Wrist Sizer for clear instruction.

Before printing the Wrist Sizer, please ensure the “ page scaling “ option is set to “ none” in the print dialogue box. The wrist sizer must be printed on a full A4 size page.

2. The Range of Bracelet Length Selection

Please DOWNLOAD the Wrist Sizer to measure your wrist size.

For those watches with Easy-To-Adjust mechanism, please watch the demonstration video in the contents of your USB warranty card for length adjustment.

For those watches with Length-Adjustment–On-Buckle system, after measuring your wrist size with the Wrist Sizer, please tick your preferred size range on your shopping bag. Your watch will come with your selected size range, and then you can do your bracelet size fine-tune by yourselves with the tool provided in envelop of your pack box.



Engraving may be available on specific models. If you wish to have your applicable Buoyy watch engraved, please check on the box on your shopping bag page and Contact Us via email to inform your preference of engrave pattern. We will send you artwork for your approval and then proceed with your engraving request.

Personalized engraved service charge is US$30 / product.

Please note that delivery may be delay 5- 7 business days if you have requested this service.

Personalized Engraved Buoyy watches cannot be returned for exchange or refund!